About Us

Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd. is a laboratory-based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialised in Oncology/Immuno-Oncology, Immunology/Inflammation and Respiratory therapeutic areas.

We provide bespoke pre-clinical/early discovery phase laboratory services to support academic groups, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their R&D studies and biomarker research.

Backed by the company's expertise in providing preclinical drug development services and as part of its growth strategy, Cellomatics BioSciences is expanding to be an innovative biopharmaceutical company. Our objective is to generate a growing pipeline of highly differentiated, potential best-in-class therapeutics to drive the development of novel drug products for treatment of life-threatening diseases with unmet medical need.

Our commitment is to develop and deliver therapeutic compounds with improved efficacy and/or adverse effect profile in comparison with the currently available approved standard of care products or any other products in development.

The Company

  • Founded in 2015 and Privately owned
  • Operating out of Biocity, Nottingham
  • Experienced Management team with track record of delivering complex scientific projects and peer reviewed international publications
  • Completed over 50 successful scientific projects in collaboration with over 20 sponsors
  • Links with leading UK Universities
  • Fully serviced laboratory with Specialised personnel
  • National and International partners

Who can we support

We are committed to

  • Understanding your needs and tailoring our services to meet your requests
  • Meeting your timelines
  • Providing interactive and efficient customer support
  • Delivering high quality services at a very cost effective price

Our Approach

Overview Of Our Project Management

At Cellomatics BioSciences, we believe in efficient Project Management to ensure delivery of a high-quality work and complete client satisfaction.

Every project is assigned a Project Manager and a Project Director: a two-step Quality control approach. The Project Manager is the central contact point throughout the project life cycle with day to day operational responsibilities and management of the project team to produce high quality deliverables. The Project Director has an overall responsibility for the timely execution and delivery of the project within the agreed budget.

Key Stages Of A Project Life Cycle:

Project Initiation

  • Defining Study Objectives
  • Finalisation of study design
  • Planning resources

Project Planning

  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Scheduling the Project Plan
  • Assessing Risk & Mitigation/ Contingency Strategies
  • Planning communication schedules

Project Execution

  • Conduct studies
  • Regular internal and external project updates
  • Quality assurance/control
  • Time and cost management

Monitoring & Controlling

  • Project Status monitoring
  • Scope/Change Management

Project Closure

  • Project Close-Out Meeting
  • Key outcomes review
  • Archiving

Project Feedback

  • Team feedback
  • Client feedback
  • Feedback evaluation

How to find us