Histology (Tissue biomarkers)

Immunohistochemistry assays

Cellomatics provides Contract Histology Services to support non-regulatory pre-clinical histology and medical research studies in tissue from humans and other species.

We offer:

  • Tissue processing, embedding in paraffin and sectioning at different thickness, staining with standard and/or specific dyes. All process or just parts of the process, i.e. only cutting.
  • Setting protocols - titration and optimisation of antibodies
  • Image analysis and reporting
  • DNA/RNA extraction from FFPE
  • parallel analysis of analytes/genes with xMAP and localisation in tissues with IHC

We can undertake an extensive range of specialised staining methods to identify specific tissues, cell types and tissue/cell constituents including hematoxylin, eosin, PAS, Masson's Trichrome, Reticulin, Giemsa, Van Geisson, MSB, PTAH, OGF, silver impregnation, Oil Red O, Alcian blue, Congo red, Toluidine blue and many more. All specialised stains are accompanied with appropriate controls.

Cellomatics has extensive experience in providing immunohistochemistry services to screen healthy and diseases tissues using an extensive range of antibodies directed against specific biomarkers or against cell signalling proteins.

We support Target Validation and Target Distribution Studies by demonstrating and quantifying the expression of a particular target within cells/tissues which can be used either as predictive or prognostic tissue biomarkers in tissues originating from preclinical animal models or from clinical trials. Further, we have the capabilities to optimise and validate IHC immune-oncology and respiratory biomarker assays together with quantitative analysis to provide valuable scientific insights.