Message from Our CEO

Dear Client,

On behalf of Cellomatics Biosciences Ltd, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. As the Founder and CEO, it gives me immense pleasure in offering our laboratory-based pre-clinical and early drug discovery phase services assays to support your scientific research.

At Cellomatics BioSciences, we truly believe that there is nothing more rewarding than accelerating the development of new therapies for diseases with unmet medical need. Our work philosophy is simple - to be an honest, hardworking and an aspirational CRO by conducting ethical and high quality scientific research ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Our vision is 'Integrated scientific services; from experimental conception to project delivery'.

Our mission is:
  • To revolutionise drug discovery research by providing integrated, cost-effective laboratory services including assay design consultancy, logistics support, bespoke high quality assay development/validation and data analysis.
  • To be a responsible and trusted laboratory-based CRO partner with Quality, Flexibility, Reliability and Customer support as our indispensable asset.

We are committed to

  • Understanding your needs and tailoring our services to meet your requests
  • Meeting your timelines
  • Providing interactive and efficient customer support
  • Delivering high quality services at a very cost effective price

To facilitate provision of high quality services, our labs are equipped with some of the latest state-of-the-art technologies. As we work our way towards securing GLP accreditations by the end of 2017, our objective is to provide GLP compliant laboratory services and further continue to identify and invest in the latest technological advances.

Our dynamic team of eminent scientists and clinical professionals have expertise in diverse technologies and therapy areas. With years of experience, they have the competencies to understand your requirements and deliver innovative and practical solutions. So please get in touch with us through our web links for a no obligation quote or consultation.

As I look at our performance over the last year, I am extremely proud of our achievements and excited about our promising outlook in the future. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that our services have been extremely valuable in providing our clients with strategic insights to help drive their business more efficiently and economically. However, we do not want to sit back on our laurels and are therefore striving continuously to improve our performance. Client satisfaction is one of our key quality performance metrics. This won't be possible without your feedback. We appreciate and value your support and feedback. So please provide your comments and keep this dialogue going. Our aim is to provide exceptional, regular and effective customer support.

I am extremely proud of my Staff's abilities to deliver a high quality and reliable scientific data. By collaborating with Cellomatics BioSciences, you are invariably assured that your project is managed by a professional, astute and well-experienced scientific team.

Please enjoy and appreciate the information contained in this website. Let's work in harmony to support each other and the development of new therapies.

'Synergy drives growth'

Best wishes,
Shailendra R. Singh PhD, MBBS, MRes
Founder and C.E.O.