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Cellomatics BioSciences announces the inclusion of NanoEnTek’s JuLITM Stage real-time qualitative and quantitative live-cell imaging technology to support client’s discovery projects.

Biocity Nottingham, UK

Cellomatics BioSciences Limited, a specialised preclinical laboratory CRO, announces the inclusion of NanoEnTek’s JuLI Stage real-time qualitative and quantitative live-cell imaging technology to its repertoire.

Cellomatics BioSciences is continually striving to offer added value to all our client discovery projects. We achieve this by constantly reviewing and evaluating new technologies that complement and augment our preclinical in vitro capabilities.

NanoEnTek’s JuLI Stage is a fully-automated, digital fluorescence imaging analyser that offers real-time non-invasive, kinetic, continuous cell imaging within a controlled cell culture environment.

This platform is quite flexible with its applications and has the capability to directly acquire and analyse cell images whilst the cells are maintained in their physiological surroundings. JuLI Stage therefore enables the end-user to derive meaningful insights in several physiological processes within the cells.

Inclusion of JuLI Stage technology has further strengthened and broadened our capabilities in Oncology/Immuno-Oncology, Immunology/Inflammation and Respiratory therapeutic areas.

Applications include:

  • Cell proliferation, apoptosis, toxicity, viability
  • Cell migration and invasion
  • HCS cell imaging analysis (6 well to 96 well)
  • Cell culture quality control /Cell culture optimization
  • Live cell imaging (time lapse) & Cell growth monitoring 
  • Stem cell development 
  • Cell-based assay optimization 
  • Cell localization
  • Scratch‐wound Assays
  • Angiogenesis
  • Protein expression
  • Kinetic imaging and cell differentiation
  • 3D cell biology using spheroids
  • Immuno-oncology
    • Including Cytotoxic T cell killing and Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays (ADCC)