Products and Services offered

Target identification, validation & discovery

Target identification/discovery is the first stage of drug development process. The key objective is to identify a novel or a putative therapeutic target for a disease with unmet medical need...

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Biomarker validation

Validation is the process of evaluating the reliability, reproducibility and accuracy of the biomarker across a range of experimental conditions. Qualification process provides an evidentiary link between the biomarker...

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Multiplex immunoassays

Multiplex immunoassays allow simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple analytes in a single sample from a variety of biological specimens including but not limited to serum, plasma, CSF, cell culture supernatants, sputum...

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Multiplex Nucleic Acid Testing

Multiplex nucleic acid testing allows multiplexed gene expression analysis (RNA targets) and DNA copy number variation analysis, allowing researchers to measure up to 80 genes in a single well....

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Molecular assays

We have the capabilities to provide molecular biology based services for the isolation of Eukaryotic and Prokayrotic...

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PhenGene P2Y12 Test

CLOPIDOGREL is used widely to reduce the risk of recurrent heart attack and stroke

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Toxicity profiling

Drugs research and development cost every year over $145 billion in US only. One of the key contributors to these rising costs is unacceptable drug safety profile either detected during Phase

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Histology (Tissue biomarkers)

Cellomatics provides Contract Histology Services to support non-regulatory pre-clinical histology and medical research studies in tissue from humans and other species

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Pharmacological Assays

Saturation binding and displacement assays use radiolabelled ligands to measure the binding of a drug to a receptor and are used to determine tissue expression of a given receptor (Bmax) and/or a drugs dissociation constant...

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Contract Cell Culture

Our cell culture services include primary cultures of human origin as well as established cell lines. This facilitates the production of natural or recombinant proteins or for use in biological...

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In consultation with you, we can design strategies for the identification and validation of targets and biomarkers...

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Bioinformatics Services

Our Data Scientists provide tailor made software/algorithms to process and explore large scale 'omics' data.

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Logistical Support Team

Logistics Support

We work towards reducing your workload and stress. We will arrange for your samples to be collected by one of the leading Global specialist healthcare couriers and transported to our labs using the best available technologies and ensuring efficient, safe and secured delivery.

Customer Support Team

Customer Support

We provide regular updates on the projects progress. Can help with your experimental design and data analysis.

Efficient Assays Services


Our objective is to work efficiently: from sample collection to project delivery. We also aim to respond to your service requests on the same day.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

As scientists ourselves, who have worked in both industrial and academic settings. We know how difficult things can be, we aim to make things easier and provide you with high levels of satisfaction.

Company's Positioning Statement

We offer bespoke high quality and efficient multiplex immunoassay and cell based assay services to aid small molecule discovery for our customers.

Our aim is to provide bioinformatics support tailored to your needs and logistical support to ensure sample stability during storage and transport.

Our strengths lie in our expertise to deliver an integrated research package, from experimental design to project delivery.