Angiogenesis Assays

Cellomatics can support a wide range of angiogenesis assays.

Neoplastic growths maintain their survival through creation of their own blood supply system. Tumours secrete stimulatory factors that allow the recruitment of cells necessary for the vascularisation of the tumour mass. HUVEC cells are used to model angiogenesis by stimulating with VEGF in a gel-based extracellular matrix. Viable stains allow visualisation using our imaging platforms to facilitate measurements of parameters such as tubule formation, lengths and nodes.

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Analysis parameters of tube formation in HUVEC cells treated with EGM media – VEGF (A, B) versus in EGM media + Sulforaphane (C, D). The nodes (green) and branches (white) can clearly be seen in EGM – VEGF, whereas they are not being detected when the cells are treated with Sulforaphane.

Data collected following 18 hours incubation

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