Oncology CRO Services

Cellomatics Biosciences is an Oncology CRO, providing expertise in supporting preclinical oncology projects. Alongside the ongoing development of disease models, our team of oncology specialists routinely perform high throughput drug screens, followed by a wide range of assays to measure certain biological responses that complement the hallmarks of cancer.

Neoplastic growth could arise from different cell types within the body, creating a spectrum of disease types that vary in pathological behaviour and treatment approaches.

The development of cancer arises from a dysregulation in cellular proliferation, which usually arises from inappropriate responses to external stimuli. Through the years, discovery of mutations in key oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes has been pivotal in characterising biological aberrancies that favour oncogenesis. For instance, many cancers harbour activating mutations in components of several survival pathways (e.g. PI3K and MAPK pathways) leading to constitutive signalling. Downstream effects include increased production of growth factors for inter and intracellular interactions, signalling cross talks and loss of response to inhibitory stimuli. The acquisition of cancer hallmarks, as outlined by Hanahan and Weinberg (2011), has been the foundation of studying cancer biology and determining various approaches for treatment purposes. For years, therapeutic regimes have been developed to target the following oncogenic drivers:

  • Sustaining proliferative signalling
  • Resisting cell death
  • Inducing angiogenesis
  • Enabling replicative immortality
  • Activating invasion and metastasis
  • Evading growth suppressors

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