T-Cell based assays

T cells coordinate multiple aspects of adaptive immunity throughout life, including responses to pathogens, allergens, and tumours. T cells control multiple insults simultaneously throughout the body and maintain immune homeostasis over decades.

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Naïve CD4+ T-cells polarised to T Helper (Th)-2 cells

Freshly isolate naïve CD4+ T-cells were polarized to Th2 cells by stimulating with anti CD3 for 7-10 days. IL4, IL5 and IFNγ levels were then measure in cell supernatants. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM (n=5)

Naïve CD4+ T-cells stimulated with Derp1

Naïve CD4+ T-cells were isolated from the peripheral blood of an Atopic donor and were stimulated with Derp1 for 5 days. Levels of inflammatory mediators including IL6, IL17 and TNFα were measured in cell supernatants by multiplex immunoassay. Derp1 stimulation induced a statistically significant increase in the levels of the inflammatory mediators (one-way Anova **p<0.01; mean ± SEM).

T-cell Proliferation

CD4+ T-cells were seeded in U-bottom 96-well plates. Cells were placed under different treatment regimes for 8 days. Cell counts were taken at days 1, 2, 3,6 and 8. Cells were subjected to the following treatments: unstimulated, stimulated (CD3 & CD28), and stimulated + inhibitor (TGFβ1).  Average cell counts were plotted using GraphPad Prism. Cell viability was analysed for each timepoint using CellTitre-Fluor™ (n=2, mean±SEM).

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