In vitro sepsis upregulates Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ receptor expression and function on human T- but not B-cells

British Journal of Pharmacology, 6 April 2023

This article featured research from Dr Mark Bird, Dr Anushuya Tamang and Professor David Lambert from Cellomatics. It was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology and part of the study uses a Cytokine 25-Plex Human panel kit and our in house Luminex MAGPix™ detection system.

Adoption and Validation of In Vitro Co-Culture Assays to support Immuno-Oncology Research and Drug Discovery

9 March 2023

This poster was created by Dr Katie Hudson, Dr Gareth Edwards, Dr Lara De Tomasi, Dr Anushuya Tamang and Dr Shailendra Singh and was presented at the 7th Annual Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Congress. It examines how in vitro assays can be used to support early stage immuno-oncology research. 

The Evolution of Assays for Immuno-oncology Research

Drug Discovery World, 15 February 2023

This paper written by Cellomatics’ CEO Shailendra Singh discusses the history of immuno-oncology research, how it has evolved and its future potential.

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