Research Appreciation Day 2023

Research Appreciation Day celebrates the thousands of health researchers making a difference to people’s lives all around the world. Through the research of scientists, we are able to improve the treatments available for so many different health conditions. Despite this vital service, research is often overlooked when it comes to funding and policy decisions or discussions about healthcare.

Research is at the heart of Cellomatics’ work, and we are incredibly proud of the passion shown by our dedicated team of scientists. One of our newest Bio-Assay Scientists, Filipe Hanson, completed his PhD in cell biology applied to neurodegeneration and has continued this work at Cellomatics with his recent research into neuroinflammation.

Research appreciation day Filipe

Here’s what Filipe has to say about his current project…

“Neuroinflammation is the process whereby the brain’s immune system is activated and triggers inflammatory responses upon exposure to environmental cues (such as toxins, traumatic injury, infection) but is also a hallmark of aging and neurodegenerative diseases.”

“We are currently developing a culture system of terminally differentiated SH-SY5Y cells, a widely used in vitro neuronal (from a neuroblastoma) model for neurodegeneration research, in high-throughput assay format. Our in-house protocol aims to differentiate SH-SY5Y to fully mature dopaminergic neurons to model Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Upon differentiation, cells will be treated with 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA), a well-known neurotoxin that triggers PD-associated inflammation processes. Here at Cellomatics, we aim to produce a platform to assess inflammatory modulators in PD treatment.”

“Moreover, we are currently optimising this platform to provide a robust high-throughput quantification of protein synthesis, mitochondrial health, and oxidative stress. We aim to tailor established In-cell western (ICW) and multiplexed fluorescent dye protocols into a single multiparametric high-content assay which would be an important tool in neurodegeneration research.”

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